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X-Ray Structural Characterization

The NCMN X-Ray Characterization Facility is dedicated to materials identification and characterization through non-destructive, X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) technique. 

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  1. Bruker AXS SMART APEX CCD X-Ray Diffractometer

    Smart Apex Single Crystal Diffractometer is a dedicated instrument for Crystallography studies (absolute structure determination using a single crystal sample). This instrument delivers intense, monochromatic beam of Mo Kalpha radiation (0.7107 Å) produced using Graphite monochromator from a sealed Mo X-ray tube and collimated with a pinhole collimator.

  2. Bruker-AXS D8 Discover High-Resolution Diffractometer

    This is a state-of-the-art machine including HI-STAR area detector, centric 1/4-circle Eulerian cradle, domed hot stage, hi-flux in-plane hardware, laser/video sample-alignment system, Göbel mirror, fine tilt stage, and dual-beam path analyzer module.

  3. Rigaku D/Max-B Diffractometer

    X-Rays are produced by a 1.8 kW, sealed tube Cobalt target. The diffracted beam then converges (is “focused”) into a diffracted beam monochromator which removes all radiation except the Co Kalpha wavelength (about 1.7903 Å) which then enters a scintillation counter.

  4. Rigaku Multiflex Diffractometer

    This instrument consists of 2 kW copper target and ?-? goniometer.  The sample holder remains horizontal during the scan and therefore, there is no need to use adhesive substances to mount samples on to a low background sample holder plate.