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Imaging and Analysis Center

The Imaging and Analysis Center at Princeton University, directed by Dr. Nan Yao, implements high-end, state-of-the-art instrumentation for imaging and analysis to stimulate materials research and education at Princeton and in the surrounding region. The Center contains a suite of advanced electron microscopes; a dual-beam focused ion beam system; scanning probe microscopes; x-ray diffractmeters, image analysis and simulation facilities; and specimen preparation devices. For more information, including how to access the IAC and its instruments, please visit:


  1. Allied Multi Prep Polisher

    The MultiPrep™ System enables precise semi-automatic sample preparation of a wide range of materials for microscopic (optical, SEM, TEM, AFM, etc.) evaluation. Capabilities include parallel polishing, precise angle polishing, site-specific polishing or any combination thereof. It provides reproducible sample results by eliminating inconsistencies between users, regardless of their skill. The MultiPrep eliminates the need for hand-held polishing jigs, and ensures that only the sample makes contact with the abrasive.

  2. AmScope Stereo Microscopes
  3. Anton Paar MCR501 Rheometer
  4. Anton Paar MCR502 Rheo-Confocal System
  5. Anton Paar MCR702 Rheometer
  6. Bruker D8 Advance XRD
  7. Bruker D8 Discover X-Ray Diffractometer

    This XRD is a state-of-the-art, high-quality system that is easy to use, highly accurate, and versatile to meet our needs in X-ray diffraction. This system equips with the optimum components (X-ray 4-Bounce monochromator, high-precision, two-circle goniometer, LynxEye detector and standard software package) to provide a comprehensive solution for X-ray reflectometry, High resolution X-ray diffraction, Grazing incidence diffraction and texture measurements. One of the unique advantages of this system is its extreme versatility.

  8. Bruker Dimension ICON3 AFM
  9. Bruker Multimode AFM

    The Nanoscope IIIa Atomic Force Microscope equipped with a heating stage, fluid cell, and magnetic probe. This kind of microscope performs “imaging by touch” to image surface topography either by contact mode or “tapping” mode, either in ambient atmosphere or in a liquid environment.

  10. Bruker NanoMan AFM Dimension 3000 AFM

    The Dimension NanoMan AFM provides a variety of high resolution surface imaging and property measurement techniques, as well as the ability to manipulate or create nanoscale structures. This system incorporates the Dimension platform, the advanced NanoScope V controller and the sophisticated Hybrid XYZ scanner to create the preeminent system for high-resolution imaging, high-definition nanolithography, and direct nanoscale manipulation. NanoMan is also able to perform highly accurate force curves, nanoindenting and pulling techniques.

  11. Computer Cluster

    Center’s computer clusters provide various computer simulation capabilities: 4 DELL Optiplex 780 PCs running Windows 7 64-bit with INTEL E8400 Dual Core processing, 8GB DDR3 Mem. 3 DELL Optiplex 755 PCs running Windows 7 64-bit with INTEL E6600 Dual Core processing, 8GB DDR2 Mem Epson V700 High-resolution image scanner.

  12. CreaTec LT-HV nc-AFM/STM
  13. Cressington Carbon Coater
  14. Diamond Knives
  15. Differential Scanning Calorimeter 8500 (DSC)
  16. Dimpler
  17. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis 8000 (DMA)
  18. Evactron Plasma Cleaner
  19. FEI CM100 TEM

    This is a 100KeV transmission electron microscope equipped with a digitally controlled eucentric 4-axis motorized side entry stage, which provides a maximum tilting angle of 60 degrees. A digital CCD camera attached to this microscope makes the imaging collection very simple and quick.

  20. FEI CM200 FEG-TEM with EDS/EELS

    CM200 FEG-TEM is equipped with a Gatan 678 Imaging Filter and a PGT-IMIX EDX system. With a field-emission-gun, this microscope provides a point-to-point resolution of 0.23nm, and an electron probe of 1 nm with energy up to 200KeV.

  21. FEI Helios G3 DualBeam FIB/SEM with EDS
  22. FEI Quanta 200 FEG Environmental-SEM with EDS/EEL

    The Quanta 200 FEG ESEM is a special type of high performance scanning electron microscope (SEM). It is equipped with a Schottky field emission gun (FEG) for optimal spatial resolution. The instrument can be used in high vacuum mode (HV), low-vacuum mode (LV) and the so called ESEM (Environmental SEM) mode. This makes it possible to study samples in pressures up to 30 Torr. The microscope is equipped with a peltier stage for studies of wet samples in-situ. There are cooling and heating stages available for in-situ experiments at temperatures ranging from -20°C up to 1500°C.

  23. FEI StrataTM DB 235 FIB

    The Strata DB-235 dual-beam focused ion beam and scanning electron microscope (FIB/SEM) system. The FIB/SEM provides the unique capability in the IAC to either add or subtract material between precisely defined locations with high spatial resolution. The system is equipped with a Zyvex F100 Nanomanipulator system for in situ manipulation and testing of micro- and nanoscale samples.

  24. FEI Verios 460 XHR SEM with EDS
  25. FEI Vitrobot Units
  26. FEI XL30 FEG-SEM

    FEI XL30 FEG-SEM is equipped with a EVAX EDX system. This high-resolution field-emission SEM has an optimum image resolution of 3nm and is accessed completely using a computer terminal. The EDX system can provide X-ray acquisition to obtain high-resolution two-dimensional elemental distribution map throughout the sample surface.

  27. Fischione 1010 dual-beam Ion Mill

    The Model 1010 Ion Mill is a tabletop, PC-controlled precision milling and polishing system for creating high-quality TEM specimens with large electron transparent areas. It is fully programmable and easy to use. The Model 1010 incorporates two independently adjustable, variable energy hollow anode discharge (HAD) ion sources, liquid nitrogen specimen cooling, 0° to 45° milling angles, automatic gas control, and an oil-free vacuum system for ultra-clean specimen processing.

  28. Fischione NanoClean Station
  29. FLS980 Steady State, Phosphorescence/Flourescence Lifetime Spectrometer
  30. Glass Knife Maker
  31. Horiba Raman Spectrometer

    The Raman microscope spectrometer enables precise spectral fingerprinting of a sample’s molecular structure through measurement of inelastic light scattering. It enables fast non-destructive chemical analysis of targeted microscopic features. The system is equipped with 4 laser systems with wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to near-infrared that can be efficiently modulated through a motorized 4 position grating turret. Automation features include autofocusing and motorized stage mapping.

  32. Isitemp Oven
  33. Keithley 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System
  34. Keyence VK-X1000 Confocal Microscope
  35. Leica Confocal DCM 3D

    This optical surface metrology system is a high-end light microscope that can easily examine sample surfaces in a non-invasive manner. It combines confocal and interferometry technology for analysis of micro and nano structures down to 1 nm resolution. LeicaSCAN software enables PC-controlled image acquisition. Leica Maps software enables post-acquisition data analysis ranging from distance measurements to 3D topographical surface renderings.

  36. Leica Sputter Coater
  37. Leica Ultracut UCT Ultramicrotome Instrument

    The Leica Ultracut UCT ultramicrotome with a cryo-attachment is designed to meet the precise requirements of sample preparation for electron microscopy. It is ideal for biological applications and soft materials preparation. It features automatic feed in 1nm increments from 1 to 100 nm. The variable cutting speed can be finitely controlled to 0.05 mm per second. All key functions of the microtome, even the motorized approach of knife to specimen, can be operated from the separate control unit.

  38. Low-speed Diamond Saw
  39. Nicolet iN10 MX FTIR
  40. Optical Microscope w/CCD Camera
  41. Plasma Cleaner
  42. Reichert-Jung Ultracut E Microtome
  43. Rigaku MiniFlex XRD

    Rigaku MiniFlex XRD/X-ray diffractometer equipped with two types of holders for powder and bulk) to have up to 6 samples which can be mounted and measured with the automatic sample changer. Each sample can be made to spin to enhance data precision for the qualitative and quantitative analyses. It works with JADETM 3.1 processing and search/match software.

  44. Spectrometer (TGA-GC/MS)
  45. Talos F200X S/TEM with SuperX-EDS
  46. TEM sample cutter
  47. Thermo K-alpha X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS/UPS)
  48. Thermogravimetric Analyzer coupled to Clarus 680 SQ 8T Gas Chromatograph Mass
  49. Tital Themis 80-300 Cubed Double Cs-corrected S/TEM with EDS
  50. Titan Krios G3 300 cryo-TEM
  51. Ultrasonic Cutter
  52. UV-VIS Cary 5000 Spectrometer
  53. VCR IBS/TM 200S Ion Bean Sputterer
  54. Woollam M-2000 Ellipsometer

    This spectroscopic ellipsometer is used to non-destructively analyze thin films using elliptically polarized light. It utilizes a rotating compensator with high-speed CCD detection system to measure all wavelengths simultaneously. This allows for rapid and accurate data collection across a wide spectral range. When coupled with the system’s automated tilt and Z-height optimization, can quickly and easily determining film thickness and optical constants.

  55. Zeiss Axios Scope A1 Transmission, Reflection, Polarizing Microscope
  56. Zeiss Discovery V12 Stereomicroscope

    The Discovery V12 Stereomicroscope is a configurable, modular system featuring newly patented optics for improved resolution and contrast. The motorized zoom system provides resolution, magnification and object field data via a Human Interface Panel (HIP), which is illuminated for easy viewing. The HIP allows programmable entry of eyepiece and objective magnification, zoom speed, focus speed, position and displays resolution, field of view and magnification values.

  57. Zeiss Xradias Versa 520 3D X-ray microscope