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ENCOMM NanoSystems Laboratory (ENSL)

ENCOMM NanoSystems Laboratory is operated by the OSU Center for Electronic and Magnetic Nanoscale Composite Multifunctional Materials. Our goal is to provide academic and industrial users with access to advanced material characterization and fabrication tools for research and development applications. ENSL is located on the Columbus Campus of The Ohio State University in the Physics Research Building. Research capabilities available at ENSL include focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy, e-beam lithography, nanomanipulation, EDS X-ray microanalysis, X-ray diffractometry, SQUID magnetometry, atomic force/magnetic force microscopy, low temperature magnetotransport measurements and Langmuir-Blodgett trough monolayer deposition.


  1. Bruker AXS Dimension Icon Atomic/Magnetic Force Microscope with ScanAsyst
    • Vibration isolation and sound proof enclosure for low noise operation
    • Closed loop scanner with scan range 90 µm x 90 µm
    • Z sensor noise level (closed-loop) of 35 pm RMS typical in imaging bandwidth of 625 Hz
    • Easy sample positioning with 5-megapixel digital camera with digital zoom and motorized focus

    Modes of operation include:

  2. Bruker D8 Discover High-Resolution Triple Axis X-Ray Diffractometer
    • Third generation Göbel mirrors providing the highest X-ray flux density - essential for all thin film applications
    • Easy and failsafe operation - tools like the motorized absorber allow fully automatic operation without user intervention
    • High performance optics for optimum resolution
    • X-ray source: Cu Kα1
    • Data processing software includes Leptos and Topaz


  3. ENSL Photo Lab
    • Ozone Cleaner
    • Optical Microscope
    • 60 Ton Press
    • Spinner in Fume Hood
    • Ultrasonic Cleaner
    • Optical Magnifier for making Photo Masks
    • Furnace - up to 300° C (No Fume Exhaust)

    Available Processes:

    • Photo Lithography
    • E-beam Lithograpy
    • Photo Developing
  4. FEI Helios Nanolab 600 Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope
    • Sophisticated platform for sample preparation, imaging and analysis.
    • Kleindeik Nanomanipulators for in situ electrical measurements and nanomanipulation
    • Innovative Elstar electron column for high-resolution, high-contrast imaging
    • High-performance Sidewinder ion column for fast, precise cross sectioning
    • SEM imaging resolution as high as 0.9 nm at 15 kV at optimal working distance

    Additional Capabilities include:

  5. Kurt J. Lesker Co. Lab 18 Thin Film Deposition System
    • -Three 3” sputtering sources and one 6-pocket e-beam evaporator in the same deposition chamber
    • -RF and DC sputtering capabilities
    • -Two process gases: Argon and Oxygen
    • -Substrate cleaning with RF plasma
    • -Sample substrate heating up to 1100° C during deposition
    • -Optimized for sputter deposition of magnetic metals and/or oxides followed by coating with a precious metal (gold, platinum) using e-beam deposition -Rapid turn-around operation with a load lock
  6. Laurell WS-400B-6NPP-Lite Spinner

    Solvent, Base or Acid-based processing: Coating, Etching, Developing, Rinsing-Drying and Cleaning

  7. NIMA Technology Model 612D Langmuir-Blodgett Trough
    • Symmetric compression with two PTFE barriers
    • Small sample volume operation
    • Full software control over experimental parameters such as target pressure, deposition speed, immersion depth and wait intervals
    • Brewster Angle Microscopy
  8. Quantum Design 14 T Physical Properties Measurement System with cryogenic AFM/MFM
    1. Capable of conducting resistivity, AC transport (ACT), AC magnetic susceptibility (ACMS), Vibrating Sample Magnetometry (VSM) and torque magnetometery measurements
    2. VSM capability comes with both large and small bore coil sets and a high temperature oven option with the capability for sample heating up to 1100 K
    3. measurements can be conducted in 
      -magnetic fields of up to 14 T 
      -temperatures ranging from 1.9 K to 400 K (1100 K if VSM oven is used)
    4.  equipped with a helium reliquifier
  9. Quantum Design MPMS Squid Magnetometer
    • Broad temperature range of 2 K - 350 K
    • Magnetic field range +/- 5 T
    • The instrument is fully software automated and easy to use
    • DC magnetic moment sensitivity as low as 1.0X10-6 emu
  10. Seki Technotron Corp. AX5200M 1.5kW Microwave-Plasma Enhanced-Chemical Vapor Deposition system
    • State-of-the-art deposition tool for synthesizing high quality poly crystalline and single crystal diamond films for research and production
    • The system is available with process gases: H2, CH4, O2 and N2
    • Substrate heating up to 900° C
    • Capability for biased substrate nucleation growth
  11. Veeco Instruments Dimension 3000 Scanning Probe Microscope with Nanoscope IIIa Controller
    • Additional Extender and Signal Access modules
    • Vibration isolation and sound proof enclosure for low noise operation
    • Atomic Force Microscopy Mode
    • Magnetic Force Microscopy Mode
    • Probe control: contact mode, tapping mode, lift mode
  12. West Bond SZ51 Wire Bonder