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Instrument types

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) from TA Inst. Co., measures the difference in heat absorbed or released by sample, as compared to an inert refference (empty pan), as both are heated, cooled or held at constant temperature (isothermal). Exothermic transitions result in the release of heat: crystallization, curing, decomposition, etc. Endothermic transitions absorb heat: melting, glass transition, evaporation, etc. DSC Q-2000 using the Tzero technique provides significant improvements in baseline flatness, transition, resolution and sensitivity.


Instrument: TA Instruments Q2000 DSC with 50 position autosampler. Sensitivity < 0.2 µW, and baseline drift < 10 µW.

Temperature: from – 170 °C to 400 °C (please check stability of the polymer using TGA). Liq Nitrogen cooling system.
Calibration: Indium. Sapphire was used for heat capacity constant.

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