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Program Application

Dr. Howard Katz

Chair and Professor, Materials Science and Engineering


Research Interests

  • Organic-based electronic devices including transistors and diodes
  • Hybrid nanoparticles for biological imaging and mechanistic toxicology studies
  • Chemically sensitive devices and systems
  • Organic and hybrid materials for photonics
  • Synthesis of conjugated organic compounds as semimconductors and chromophores
  • Spin-transporting, spin-doped, and spin-coupled organic semiconductors and magnetoelectronic effects
  • Molecular interactions and complexation
  • Dielectric and high-field properties of materials
  • Nonlinear optical materials
  • Nanostructures and junctions in electronic and optical devices
  • Thermoelectric and photovoltaic energy conversion in organic and polymeric materials
  • Organic materials in science and technology education