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Electron Nanoscopy Instrumentation

Shared facility operated by the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience (NCMN). The function of the Electron Nanoscopy Instrumentation Facility is to provide hands-on access to electron microscopes, sample preparation equipment plus data collection and data reduction instrumentation, along with advice, training and research collaboration. The scope of the facility is materials characterization of the topography, morphology, elemental composition, crystalline microstructure, crystal defects, and atomic arrangements of materials, largely on a scale from 10 micrometers down to the near-atomic level.


  1. FEI Nova NanoSEM 450

    Field emission SEM with ultra-stable, high current Schottky gun. Advanced optics and detection, including immersion mode, beam deceleration, in-lens TLD-SE and -BSE, DBS and STEM for best selection of the information and image optimization.

  2. FEI Tecnai Osiris (S)TEM

    Fully digital 200 kV TEM and STEM system including the HAADF detector X-FEG high-brightness Schottky FEG. Super-X windowless EDX detector and EELS system. Biprism for holography and tomographic holder.

  3. JEOL JEM 2010 TEM

    200kV, analytical mode, LaB6 filament, single-tilting and double-tilting sample holders. Gatan Erlangshen CCD camera, TSL texture analysis system.

  4. Specimen Preparation Equipment
    Various equipment for TEM and SEM specimen preparation, including slow-speed diamond/wire saw; ultrasonic/rotation disc cutter; dimpling grinder; metallurgical polishing wheel; ion-polishing PIPS/PIPS II; plasma nanoclean; Au/C sputter coater. Specimen preparation devices include:
    • Allied multiprep lapping and grinding machine
    • Branson ultrasonic cleaner 2200
    • Buehler Isomet slow speed saw
    • Cressington Au sputter coater
    • Cressington Carbon coater